Ever since my dad gave me my first knife I've loved them. Growing up on a tree farm in rural Ohio, knives were tools used on a daily basis. When I turned twelve, I joined the Boy Scouts of America. This was a wonderful experience that taught me many lessons. One of the most important was the idea of being prepared. A big part of that for me meant always having a good knife. In 2008, I became an Eagle Scout and I remember having a knife in my pocket at the award ceremony.

I studied anthropology and archaeology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Through that education I learned about the development of humanity and culture. This growth has been based primarily on our ability to create tools. Possibly the oldest and most important tool in the history of our species is the knife.

After graduation, while job searching, by happy chance I met L.T. Wright and my life changed. I started working as a minimum wage shop worker in 2012, and now I am the shop foreman responsible for all production. Because of this job, I have been blessed with the opportunity to do things and meet people I never would have otherwise. The most important of which is my wonderful wife.

I love knives.

Job Title: Foreman


Favorite LTWK: Fighter


Favorite Vehicle: Jeep


Hammock or Tent Camping: Tent, I'm old school


Favorite LTWK Event: Pouting, love the trading


Website Visited Most Often: Drudge Report


What's in your coffee? Two creams, two sugar... most days


What's your favorite place in the world? Home sweet home


Favorite TV Show Growing Up: Star Trek Next Generation


Wanted Superpower: Psychokinesis