I was born in Steubenville, Ohio. I currently live in Follansbee, WV with my mother, father, and two dogs. I started working at LTWK in October of 2014, and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Cars are one of my favorite things to work on, even though they are normally broke down. I also enjoy camping, four wheeling, and hunting. Especially when they're all in the same trip.

Job Title: Carlos the Kydex Bandito and Head Grinder


Favorite LTWK: Anything in Kydex!


Favorite Vehicle: Too hard to choose, I have 4 I enjoy!


Hammock or Tent Camping: Hammock


Favorite LTWK Event: Pouting


Website Visited Most Often: 4 Wheel Parts


What's in your coffee? Nothing but coffee


What's your favorite place in the world? The knife shop of course


Favorite TV Show Growing Up: Spongebob


Wanted Superpower: To magically make all my vehicles run!