Scott (Scooter)

 I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. in the fall of nineteen hundred and seventy to Scott Sr. and Karen.  They both worked hard and lots of my youth I was raised by my grandmother.  From ’77 to ’03 when he died, my dad ran our family business, Scot Automotive Repair and Welding.  As soon as I could reach the tool box, I’ve been wrenching on something.  Bicycles, cars, trucks, fabricating, I love all that stuff!  I have pretty much lived in the same house for all of my 47 years and it’s the one my grandfather Gorick built in 1958.  Lots of years were spent playing in the woods behind my house.  It’s where I learned to build jumps for our bicycles, where I learned to play 'Army’ with the guys, and where I played with my BB guns and crappy knives.

  My teenage years in the ’80’s I got hooked on cycling and raced in the local criterium circuit at the Pgh zoo and later racing a few of the local mountain bike races.  This was before click shifting, before suspension, and before disc brakes.  I quickly figured out that my skills were in fixing the bikes, not racing them and in the summer of ’85 I started working at the local bicycle shop.  The next 25-ish years were spent, on and off (mostly on), working at various shops.  I’ve done everything in the shop from sweep the floors to run the service dept., out of town race support, and custom wheel building.  It was a good time!

 In the summer of ’09 I met up with LT at a local gun and knife show and we quickly hit it off.  Nine years on and we’re still working together.  Custom knives are a lot like custom bicycle wheels and I just fell into another great career.  Making knives has afforded me the means to buy my first new car, make some good friends, and go on adventures that I never thought I would.  Now I get to share those adventures with my fiancé and she works some the shows with me.  Hopefully I have another 47 years ahead of me and LOTS more custom knives that I’ll help create.


Job Title: Doer of things


Favorite LTWK: The Outback


Favorite Vehicle: My '16 Tacoma OR the General Lee, I'd take a General Lee


Hammock or Tent Camping: Tent


Favorite LTWK Event: Overland Events


Website Visited Most Often: LTWK Forum


What's in your coffee? Rum


What's your favorite place in the world? Wherever my fiancée is


Favorite TV Show Growing Up: Dukes of Hazzard


Wanted Superpower: Time Travel