Mission Statement

L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives wants to give you the best experience using a knife that you’ve ever had. We strive to provide the best fit, finish, and function for a fair price. Our knives are handmade by hard working craftsmen in our shop here in Wintersville, Ohio. We build them to last for generations and back it up with our lifetime warranty.

About LT

L.T. Wright has always been interested in knives. The first knife he made was a kit knife that he put together for his father as a Christmas present. L.T.’s father took the knife to work to show his friends and came home with orders for more knives. That’s how the idea to become a full-time knife maker was born. He now needed to learn more about making knives, selling knives, and the knife industry.

Enter R.W. Wilson. The two abbreviation enthusiasts met at a gun and knife show and quickly hit it off. R.W. was soon teaching L.T. about knife making. R.W. would take L.T. with him to gun and knife shows and let L.T. put knives out for sale on his table while teaching how to sell knives well. L.T. used the money that he made from attending these shows to buy his first grinder. It was built by R.W. and it’s still in use at the LTWK shop to this day.

L.T. worked at a stair shop at the time. He would work at the stair shop during the day, come home, have dinner with his wife and daughter, and then go down into the basement to make knives. He created his own shop in the basement and would work on knives until bedtime.

L.T. continued taking his knives to shows on the weekends. He and his wife Elaine would camp at campgrounds or rest stops instead of staying in a hotel to save money. Many weekends the knives sold were just enough to cover the cost of gas to get back home. He did make some friends and some sales and used his earnings to buy better machines and additional materials.  He eventually decided to take the leap and quit his full-time job at the stair shop to make knives for a living. He built his own web site, participated on forums, and went to knife shows. This helped him build up a loyal customer base.

L.T. started out making hunting knives. At the time, that’s what he and his most loyal customer (his Dad) were interested in. After getting to know a few of his customers and being active on knife forums he began to see the opportunity in creating knives for use in bushcraft. This spurred a new interest in L.T. and he began to learn all that he could about it.

L.T. still takes his customer’s wants and opinions into consideration. All knife designs or changes in steel are tested before being added to our selection. The knives will be passed around the Pout House (our members’ only private forum) and we evaluate the feedback. Only knives and steels that excel at each task will be put into production.

Over the years, L.T. has put together a talented team of knife makers. L.T. oversees their work and takes pride in training each new team member. He enjoys assisting them as they progress in their knife making abilities. Their talent and dedication is integral to the success of the business. They take pride not only in their job, but also the end product. L.T.’s goal is for his crew to become better knife makers than he is. This is not just a job, it is a lifestyle.

Here at L.T. Wright Knives, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Phone calls, emails, and messages over social media are always answered in a timely manner. We stand by our products with our lifetime guarantee. These knives are meant to be used for generations and we plan to continue making high quality, hand-crafted knives right here in the United States of America for years to come.
Thanks for visiting our web site.

God Bless,
The LTWK Team