My family has lived in the Ohio Valley for most of their lives. My parents moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a few years and then came back to Follansbee, West Virginia right before I was born. We traveled in an RV all over the country when I was growing up, but I have lived in the same house all of my twenty years. I live with my parents and occasionally my older sister. I dumbly consider myself to be a Dog Mom to my sneaky and adorable Toy Poodle, Elliot, who I only call Elliot when he's in trouble. I currently attend West Liberty University for Biology, but I can never figure out what to actually do with my life so it'll probably change (again). Right now I'm interning at LTWK, and am having more fun than I imagined I would've while working here on their many sites and projects.

In my spare time, I love to hang out with my boyfriend, play with Fluffy (Elliot), look at pretty scenery while my boyfriend fishes, sit by a campfire, take pictures of weeds, and eat "fake" s'mores or any type of dessert in general. I received my Drone license last August, but my DJI Spark fell into a creek at one point, and even though it somehow survived, I'm afraid to fly it. I occasionally still play tennis and dabble in PC gaming.

Short term, my goal is to be here, in the Ohio Valley, for my family and graduate college so I don't have to go to school anymore.


Job Title: The Graphics (and Web) Girl


Favorite LTWK: Anything with patina


Favorite Vehicle: 2010 Chevy Camaro


Hammock or Tent Camping: Tent


Favorite LTWK Event: Anything involving cake


Website Visited Most Often: LTWK


What's in your coffee? I don't drink coffee, much rather have hot chocolate (or anything chocolate)


What's your favorite place in the world? Wherever a forest is


Favorite TV Show Growing Up: Wizards of Waverly Place


Wanted Superpower: To be able to take away immense physical and emotional pain