Job Title






Fun Fact

I can identify muscle cars by the sound of their engine. I can quote The Princess Bride. I once won a turkey in a race.


Favorite Activities

Making knives :), napping, hiking, camping, going to auctions with my wife. I also like to read and watch old movies.


Why do you enjoy working here?

I get to make knives all day and work with my lovely wife. I get to do what I love with great people by my side. I love creating knives that will be passed down through families. Also, I'm the boss so I get to tell people what to do. :)


Where are you when you're not working?

Hanging out with my wife.


Anything else?

I've been told I'm 7 feet tall in some countries.




*Measurements are approximate. Our knives are made by hand so they will all be different.*