Gen 5 Saber

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Overall Length: 10″
Sharpened Edge: 5.125″
Steel:1/8” (+/-) A2
Grind: Saber
Handle: Micarta
Other Features: Thumb scallops, sharpened spine
We chose A2 tool steel for this amazing cutting tool. The blade is Saber ground with a secondary micro convex, which happens when we hard buff the edge. This makes for a superior edge in both retention and cutting ability.

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Carry Direction

Upgrade to the Wilderness Care Pack

Kit Includes:
Gen 5
16″ Softcase
Tuf Cloth
Field Strop
3/8 x 3in firesteel
Save time looking, we’ve got everything you need for your Gen5 right here! The 16 inch soft case will fit your Gen5 perfectly and keep it safe and scratch free. Keep your knife oiled and sharp with Tuf-Cloth and a Field Strop. You can never have too many fire steels and this firesteel will be a perfect companion to your Gen5 to throw some sparks. Last but not least, the LTWK patch will be a great addition to your pack. Keep your knife working and looking good with this kit catered to The Gen5.
Carry Direction