JX-2 Jessmuk

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Overall Length: 9 1/2″
Sharpened Edge: 4 1/2″
Steel: 1/8″ (+/-) 01 Tool Steel
Grind: Scandi
Other Features: Sharpened spine
 Drop Dangler with d-ring & fire steel loop
The ULU-inspired symmetrical sweeping cutting edge allows for precise cutting at almost any angle. This knife excels at slicing, making feather sticks, batoning, planing, carving, and notching. It is also adept at the many uses of the sharp 90 degree spine, such as debarking a stick or scraping a ferro rod.

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Handle Color & Sheath Option
Carry Direction

Upgrade to the Wilderness Care Pack

Kit Includes:
JX2 Jessmuk
10″ Softcase
Tuf Cloth
Field Strop
3/8 x 3in firesteel
Save time looking, we’ve got everything you need for your Jessmuk right here! The 10 inch soft case will fit your Jessmuk perfectly and keep it safe and scratch free. Keep your knife oiled and sharp with Tuf-Cloth and a Field Strop. You can never have too many fire steels and this firesteel will be a perfect companion to your Jessmuk to throw some sparks. Last but not least, the LTWK patch will be a great addition to your pack. Keep your knife working and looking good with this kit catered to the Jessmuk.
Carry Direction

About the Designer

Chris Tanner is the host and creator of the YouTube channel Preparedmind101 and the multi-channel gear review network “The Gauntlet.” He started in emergency preparedness during his 10 years as a US Navy Damage Controlman (Firefighting/Emergency Management) and has been venturing into the woods since he was a kid. In 2011 he began putting his ideas together for an overall system of personal preparedness that crosses many genres from prepping to bushcraft and dealing with the many mental and physical aspects that come with with any emergency situation.

In 2013 he began designing knives based on some outside-the-box ideas he wanted to see come to fruition. The JX2 Jessmuk idea started while using a folding ULU knife for some bushcraft tasks one day. He saw untapped potential in the ULU edge sweep for everything from woodcraft to butchering game. He wanted to create a bushcraft knife that had that continuously sweeping edge combined with traditional aspects of the Nessmuk and Canadian Belt Knife along with the most comfortable working handle possible. He went to L.T. Wright for a prototype, then put it in the hands of four very skeptical bushcrafters to be tested. When none of them wanted to give it back, he knew he had a design that works.