Where am I from? That's a loaded question. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, lived in Virginia, Texas, and Florida until I got married. Since then, I've lived in Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and all over Florida.

My future will be that I'm retired doing quilting, gardening, and fishing.

Interesting things about me! How do I decide, I'm so darn interesting. Let me see if I can pick a couple.

My husband and I are both from large families, his with 9 children, mine with 8. We are both 4th in line and we both have 3 older brothers.

I'm a seamstress and I have worked as an assistant to 2 fashion designers.

Being raised in the 50's/60's and the places we lived led me to meet a lot of celebrities and celebrities to come. The younger crowd will not know many of them. My family knew Marty Robbins when he was a teenager. BJ Thomas was a neighbor in Texas. I used to drink with Johnny Weismuller in Florida. All of my brothers and sisters modeled when we lived in Palm Beach. We made a few local commercials and extras for movies. Even was in a parade with Burt Reynolds. I've lead a dull life. :)

Job Title: Super Shipper and Office Help


Favorite LTWK: Genesis


Favorite Vehicle: '64 Chevy Impala Convertible


Hammock or Tent Camping: Tent


Favorite LTWK Event: Pouting


Website Visited Most Often: Facebook


What's in your coffee? Cream and sugar


What's your favorite place in the world? Wherever my husband and son are at


Favorite TV Show Growing Up: American Band Stand


Wanted Superpower: Time travel