1. What angle do I use to sharpen my LTWKs? All of our knives are done by hand, so the sharpening angle will vary. Flat/Saber/Convex: 17-20 degrees Scandi: 12-12 ½ degrees
  2. What is the Rockwell on LTWKs? We have our heat treating done at Peters Heat Treating in Meadville, PA. They do a fantastic job and have been heat treating our knives for years. The Rockwell on the majority of our knives are between 57-59. Magna-Cut knives are 59-61. Our Overland Machete is between 55-56. We have found these numbers to be the best for our knives’ intended uses.
  3. Can I send my knife in to be sharpened? Yes. We will be happy to sharpen up your L.T. Wright or Blind Horse knife for free, we just ask that you cover the shipping. We will also sharpen knives from other makers for $8 plus shipping. To send your knife in for sharpening, include a note letting us know what you would like done and your contact information. Send the knife and the note to us at: L.T. Wright Knives
    130 B Warren Lane
    Wintersville, OH 43953
  4. Looking for a knife we don’t have in stock? Be sure to check our dealers to see if they have it in stock.
  5. Can you make a kydex sheath for my knife? Probably. We’ll need you to ship the knife to us so that we can custom mold the kydex to the knife. Email us for a quote before sending the knife in.
  6. Can I get a replacement leather sheath for my LTWK? Yes. Check our sheaths page to see which one you need for your knife.
  7. Can I visit the shop? Yes! If you’re going to be in the area, we’d love to meet you. We are usually in the shop Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Call us before you come to make sure we’re there and not out for lunch or a show. Call us at 740-317-1404.
  8. Can I rough up the scales of my polished knife? Yes. Use some 50 or 80 grit sandpaper to rough it up in the areas you need better grip.
  9. Do you sell just the knife blank? No, we do not.
  10. Can I buy a knife without the LTWK or Pout House stamp on it? No.
  11. Where can I find a custom leather sheath? JRE Industries makes our leather sheaths. We recommend you contact them with any custom leather requests.
  12. How can I tighten up my leather sheath for better retention? Wet forming leather will help with retention. There are many articles and videos online showing the different methods.
  13. Do you ship to Canada? Yes!
  14. Do you sell just the fire steel handle? No.
  15. What products do you recommend to care for the leather sheath? Sno seal or Ballistol.
  16. Can I pay with something other than paypal? Yes. Call us with a credit card at 740-317-1404 during shop hours and we can take a card over the phone.
  17. Are you taking custom orders? No, we are not taking custom orders at this time.