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JRE Industries

JRE Strop Bat

JRE Strop Bat

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 This is the JRE Strop Bat Version 2.0.

It is meant to stay in the workshop or be hung in the kitchen ready to use.

The Strop Bat really excels at stropping convex edges and scandi grinds,

But It will also work on any edged tool.

It is approximately 16″ in length.

The handle section is 6 – 7 inches.

The stropping surfaces are 9 – 10 Inches long by 1.5 inches wide.

It is constructed of Red Oak and has four leather stropping surfaces:

1) First use the side Preloaded With the Black Compound.

2) Next use the side Preloaded With the Green Compound.

3) Then use the side Preloaded With the Pink Compound.

4) Finish up with the Plain Leather for the final Polish.

  The Strop Bat makes short work of putting that final “Scooter Sharp” edge on all of your knives.


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